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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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grazie di cuore melissa...non riesco a verede il video.album meraviglioso


I always enjoy your ustream videos!! Living rurally; I get excited each time you announce a new one! Each are full of inspiration and makes you feel as if you are socializing with real time "buddies" and crafting. I truly thank you for that.
I think my favorite part is the glimmer mist/hair/tips ;)
p.s. big fan of your daily video idea :))

Kelly Massman

OH, this is really beautiful! What I loved about the video is that you make it seem like I might be able to make this! Just seeing it, I would have thought--I could never do anything that beautiful! I loved the step by step and that you should the inside pages! :-) Thanks for a chance to win also!

Claudia Mitchell

Such a beautiful book! I love Bo Bunny's Gabrielle line too! I hve neverused Gel Medium, but it seemed so easy to use especially with the burlap. I will hav to go find some. I think my favorite part is how you layer everything on the cover!

Tracy Park

I love the back of the book with the flower and the envelope. soooo pretty!

Angel Ortega

I liked the use of the burlap on the cover and the transparent paper. I've never seen that before and opens all sorts of interesting crafting ideas! Also I liked seeing how to use the gel medium and tips on its use. The book was beautiful and I can't wait to fill mine up with goodies.

Renee Martinez

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes I use a hammer on my flowers." Ha ha! I loved using as many textures as I can in my mini albums, but I had never used burlap before! I cant wait to cover pages, tags or maybe just a strip across a page! How cute! Thanks for the inspiration!!! I'm loving putting this together.


I didn't get to pop in to the show last night but have my kit ready to make ...love how visual you are with your supplies.
Thanks for always inspiring.
blessings to you, Dawn ll

P.s. I would love your bag of scraps- it would be a great gift to receive

Julie Detlefsen

I love your shows and last night was no exception. I was excited about the use of burlap. I have been trying to come up with a masculine look since I have so many boys and you certainly gave me inspiration. I also like the pockets envelopes on the covers. Great use of space that I usually forget about. Thanks for giving the opportunity to declutter your space and add to mine. I would love to win!

Michelle Hodges

Your album is so very pretty!
Love all the techniques you used in the album!!
I really love how you use the acrylic/acetate to use as frames!
Such a pretty & unique idea!!
Thank you for the tutorial and the inspiration!!


I really enjoyed your show, I can't wait to get some of that burlap and make one similar. It was so inspiring watching you create another beautiful masterpiece! I would have to say my favorite part of the show was the jazz music in the background, which was kind of an accident since you didn't know how to change the channel anyway lol. But it was really enjoyable and I've never seen anyone do that on their ustream classes. Maybe you do that all the time, but this was my first time joining you and I really enjoyed it!

Suzy Gray

thanks for posting the recording I missed the show when it was live. You're a great teacher - I love the way you break it down & inspire us to layer adding texture & pizazz

Kelly Hickok

I love, love , love your enthusiam for what you do!! I took the class in person, but throughly enjoyed tuning into the Ustream just because I enjoy seeing you work in your passion and your giftedness!! I so enjoy the fellowship with others who share the passion for papercrafting too!!


Love the album and thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. But, I always do. It is always good to see you work on a project before I dive in - you make it so simple and keep me from getting frustrated. I really like that every show I see you use a new product (new to me anyway) such as the burlap and the gel medium. Thanks so much Melissa - can't wait for the next one!

Wanda Contreras

LOVE your album!!! I watched it last night on mute because my dh was watching tv but I reaaly love that you took something as rough as burlap and make it look elegant!!! Thanks for always sharing with us your wonderful talent!!!
best regards,

Lin Leonhardt

Hi Melissa, Unfortunately I missed the show last night because I was sick. What I love and enjoy from your other shows is your enthusiasm - it shows and you make all of us feel the same way! You are soo talented and creative!

Mindy B

I love that you're going to tdo some tool mini-tutorials as blog entries! I can't wait. I have so many tools that I don't use often because I'm not sure exactly how to use some of them. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


I enjoyed the show very much, and am really impressed by the way you embellished the album. As you said (if I remember right) in the show, it
requires no special or time-consuming techinque,
but its effect is great! Just one color of acrylic
paint makes a unique frame and adds shabby look to
envelops and pages, and one sticker here and one
ribbon there can add quite a variation to the
pages. I would make an album myself after your
style. Thank you for the inspiration!


Love, love, love this cute album. So many great details! I loved the step by step instructions.


Oh, Melissa, how inspirational and a must-do for me. My favorite part was where you showed us how to cover the album with burlap. Pure genius! Once again, you rocked it out!

Phyllis M.

Love the album and the video. My fav was the transparency you used for the frames how clever is that. Love the distessing and flowers and also the step by step instructions. Just wonderful and thanks for a chance at winning your scraps too. I really enjoyed it.


Burlap! And I love how it is adhered...although messy, it was fun and the result is fabulous!


Beautiful album! I loved the altering of the kraft envelopes. Definitely an idea I'm going to try. Thanks for sharing :)

L Weber

My favorite part was where you used the wet paintbrush to move the distressed ink around. Definitely something I will try.

Beth W

I watched most of it here and will definitely have to come back and rewatch certain portions.Love your laugh!My favorite part has to be the way you use the gel medium.I had no idea.I live in swampy so Ga and there are no classes of any kind available.I could read directions forever and not learn as much as I did tonight watching you.I'm going to have watch some more of your tutorials-I have so much to learn.A huge thank you for all the effort you put into this.

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